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The BioZone at UWA brings together researchers with a shared vision and purpose from the faculties of Science, Engineering and Mathematical Sciences and Health and Medical Sciences.

PhD program

We need innovative solutions that address the increasing complexity of local and global challenges and 'wicked problems'. These problems require transformative change in the way we learn, think and interact. The BioZone PhD program will train the next generation of researchers to work across disciplines and create imaginative and revolutionary outcomes.

First year

The first year will be spent developing interdisciplinary skills in areas of need, and working in a wide range of laboratories to gain broad and varied experience and finalise a project. At the end of the year, each student pitches his or her project to all students and supervisors involved in the project, as well as their larger teams.

Second and third years

In the second and third years, students will focus on their research project. A total of 12 months will be spent off campus in an international or national laboratory, government or industry partner. This internship will engage the student in aspects of the research and/or industry that are of interest and relevance to the project. At the end of each year, students will be responsible for organising and hosting an annual conference to showcase their progress and results.

Final year

In the final year, students will complete their research and after submission of a written thesis, will 'defend' the thesis in a viva voce examination by the examiners. Formal career guidance will be provided by the students' supervisors, mentors and the partner organisations involved in the research placement.

BioZone Scholarships

Details of scholarships provided specifically for BioZone PhD projects are available on the UWA Scholarships website.

Applying for these scholarships is possible after having identified a supervisor, in correspondence with one of the BioZone members.

Research areas

BioZone PhD projects are interdisciplinary and you will be instrumental in designing your own project as you study and research across multiple disciplines in your first year.

We have outlined possible research areas, but these are not meant to be prescriptive.

Your first step is to identify a supervisor

Before applying, contact us to discuss your research interests so that we can recommend an academic mentor who will support your application.

Broad descriptions are available of current BioZone research areas. Development of a specific project will occur as part of your first year of study.