BioZone brings a transdisciplinary approach to research in biomedical science and engineering to solve complex challenges, leading to improved patient care.

The BioZone vision

A convergent approach, in which multiple viewpoints are explored when the problem is defined, lies at the core of all of BioZone’s activities and defines our culture.

We seek innovative solutions that address the increasing complexity of local and global challenges and 'wicked problems'.

These problems require transformative change in the way we learn, think and interact.

We will pursue the BioZone vision through:

Research excellence

Dynamic, collaborative networks and a culture of exceptional, interdisciplinary work are hallmarks of BioZone research.

BioZone members are engaged in research programs such as:

Leadership and training

Leadership development and training for all researchers is critical to fostering creativity and excellent science.

Through the BioZone PhD program we will train the next generation of researchers to work across disciplines and create imaginative and revolutionary outcomes that bring the transformative change we need in the way we learn, think and interact.

Your supervisors will be researchers from across the University who have a shared vision and purpose and who seek innovative solutions through using a convergent approach to solving problems and finding solutions.

Read more about the PhD program outline, scholarship information and research areas .

Innovation and entrepreneurship

BioZone members recognise that the translation of basic research findings to clinical application and therapeutics does not operate in a linear fashion but requires multiple feedback loops and contributions at all levels.

We will include industry partners at the problem identification stage of all our projects and will encourage entrepreneurship in all our researchers.

We will work closely with The Centre for Entrepreneurial Research and Innovation(CERI) and with the SPARK Co-Lab program.

Community and industry engagement

In a convergent approach, we see the input of patient groups and patient advocates as a continuous dialogue from which research directions can evolve and remodel based on actual community needs. Such 'needs finding' is integral to the BioZone approach to finding solutions to major problems.

We are partnering with companies including: