BioZone PhD projects are interdisciplinary and you will be instrumental in designing your own project as you study and research across multiple disciplines in your first year.

Research areas are outlined here but they are not meant to be prescriptive.

Contact us to discuss your research interests and submit your supporting material:

  • expression of interest (personal statement of 1000 words explaining why you are interested in interdisciplinary research)
  • curriculum vitae (CV)
  • academic record

Research areas

  • Brain health and repair. Magnetic nanoparticles applied to neural tissue, Mobile App cognitive/activity monitoring.
  • New fluorescent ligand probes to investigate membrane drug targeting, in live cells, in real time.
  • Integrated simultaneous imaging of key disease factors at molecular cellular and organismal scales.
  • Early detection and prevention, Identify sensitive biomarkers for early diagnosis of disease.
  • Repair and regenerate multiple tissues, 3D printing and bioprinting natural materials, imaging, biomechanics
  • Bone and cartilage growth and repair Nanoparticle drugs coated onto porous biomaterial scaffolds, imaging
  • Integrating ventilation, drug discovery and delivery to improve management of the premature newborn infant with respiratory diseases
  • Exploring biological variability and fractal structures to enhance volume and composition of expressed milk
  • Influence of anti-fibrotic drugs in modulating nucleic acid assemblies in primary human cells
  • Understanding the role of aggregating peptides and nucleic acids in the organisation and regulation of the mammalian cell nucleus
  • Discovering the unknowns of the feto-placental vascular system: Exploring the link between vascular geometry, haemodynamics and outcomes